Authorisation of pension payments to the retired Government servants

The pension is sanctioned by the designated officer of a department after receipt of the application by the retiring Government servant well in advance and checking of entitlements. Such sanction along with a copy of the pension application submitted by the retiring Government servant is communicated to the Accountant General (A&E) for further checking of entitlements as per the Orissa Civil service (Pension) Rules 1992 read with Orissa Civil service (Pension) Rules 1992(second edition, as updated up to 31.12.2015) and authorizes the Pension, Gratuity and Commuted value of the pension to the Treasury Officer where the retired Government servant had desired to take payment. The Pension Sanctioning Authority is also intimated of the fact of authorization of pension.

Application through online for Pensionary Benefits

As per the Notification of Finance Department, Odisha vide No. 4525/F dated 08.02.2019 it is mandatory w.e.f. 01.08.2018to apply for fresh pension benefits online through iFMS, Odisha as per the procedure mentioned in FD-OM No. 32888/F dated 13.11.2017 and 34081 dated 22.11.2017. The beneficiaries can submit Online Pension Application using the Pensioners Portal ( For the detailed procedure, he/she may follow the guidelines under ‘Role of Applicant’ in FD-OM No. 32888/F dated 13.11.2017.

The eligible pensioners (for pensioners who retired before 01.01.2016) can submit their application online for revised pension through ARPAN portal ( for revision w.e.f. 01.01.2016. Details may be referred to in the Finance Department Notification No. Pen-200/2017/28300/F dated 23.09.2017 and No. FIN-TRY-MISC-17/35175/F dated 29.11.2017.