A temporary advance may be sanctioned to a subscriber from the amount at his credit in the Fund at the discretion of the authority.

The subscriber must satisfy the sanctioning authority of the necessity for advance and the authority will record in writing the reason for granting the advance.

However, no temporary advance shall be granted to a subscriber during the last four months of his service before the date of his retirement on superannuation.

A subscriber who has already drawn an advance may convert at his discretion by written request to sanctioning authority, the balance outstanding against him into a part final withdrawal on his satisfying the conditions for this purpose.

An advance shall be recovered from the subscriber in monthly equal instalments. But, such number shall not be less than twelve and more than twenty-four, thirty-six or forty-eight as the case may be.

The subscriber can opt to pay in less than twelve instalments & the competent authority has the power to fix the number of instalments in excess of forty-eight in extreme hard cases.