For each subscriber, the GPF account number is allotted by the Principal Accountant General / Accountant General with a ‘Suffix’ indicating the department of the Subscriber. The Drawing and Disbursing Officer in the State Government prepares the Staff Pay Bills along with GPF Recovery Schedules in respect of G.P.F Subscribers under his payment control and transmits the same to Treasury Officer / Pay and Accounts Officer for payment and allotment of voucher numbers for both Credit Schedules and Debit Vouchers. The Treasury Officer / Pay and Accounts Officer, in turn, after such transaction is completed, transmit the same to Office of the Principal Accountant General / Accountant General for posting of data into the account of each Subscriber. The account prepared in the name of each subscriber shall show the amount of his subscription with interest thereon calculated as per sub-rule (2) of Rule 13*.

The maintenance of GPF subscriber accounts is fully computerised in this office. The GPF details relating to individual subscriber’s account can be accessed through this website.

Following SMS services have been provided to the subscribers who have registered their mobile numbers in their webpage

  • Dynamic OTP to have secure access to their PF data at the time of logging in their webpage each time
  • Monthly SMS on credits / debits / balance in their account
  • Quarterly SMS on missing credits
  • Reminder SMS for furnishing the details for missing credits
  • Upload of Annual Accounts Statement in Web
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of final withdrawal application
  • Information regarding issue of e-authorisation for final payment of PF account and facility to download the subscriber intimation

The subscribers who are yet to register their mobile numbers are requested to register it immediately to avail the above services provided by this office.

Rates of subscription :

The government official would subscribe the minimum amount of 12% of the total of the Basic Pay (i.e) pay drawn in prescribed level in the pay matrix, Special Pay, Personal Pay, Dearness Allowances as per G.O.362 Finance (allowances) Dept. dated 11/12/2017. The rate of subscription can be enhanced twice a year and can be reduced (not below the prescribed rate) once a year in March. (3rd Proviso to Rule 9 (b) of General Provident Fund (Tamil Nadu) Rules, 2006) .

Conditions of subscription :

The subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the Fund except during :

  • Period of suspension 
  • Last four months of service before superannuation.
  • Period treated as Dies-non.
  • Leave on half pay or loss of pay.
  • Leave preparatory to retirement, employment in vacation department, etc. after receiving the final withdrawal amount under Rule 29*

(Rule 9 of General Provident Fund (Tamil Nadu) Rules)

Interest :

The Government shall pay to the credit of the amount of a subscriber, interest at such rate as may be determined for each year according to the method of calculation prescribed from time to time by the Govt. of India. It shall be credited with effect from the last day in each  financial year.