Withdrawals may be sanctioned by the authorities competent to sanction, at any time after the completion of Fifteen years of service of the subscriber or within Ten years before the date of his superannuation, whichever is earlier, from the amount standing to his credit in the Fund.

Conditions for withdrawal

  • Only one withdrawal is allowed for the same purpose.
  • As per G.O.103 Finance (Allowances) Dept, dated 01/04/2003
    • Maximum amount of withdrawal for the purposes specified in clauses a,b,c & h of Rule 15-A (i.e) Education, Marriage, illness, meeting the cost of consumer durable goods   shall  not exceed Rs.5,00,000/- (Rs.Five Lakhs only) or 75 times of the monthly pay whichever is less.
    • Maximum amount of withdrawals for the purpose of Housing specified in clauses d, e, f & g of Rule 15A shall not exceed Rs.9.00,000/- (Rs.Nine lakhs only) or 75 times of   the monthly pay whichever is less   and further the total amount so sanctioned together with the House building advance from the State/Central Govt. scheme and Housing loans availed from the public / private financial institution, if any, for the same purpose shall not exceed Rs.25,00,000”.
  • In one financial year a subscriber can draw either two Temporary Advances or one Temporary Advance and one PFW after a gap of six months of drawal of any one so that there would be only two withdrawals from his Fund in a financial year
  • The authority competent to sanction part final withdrawal can sanction the withdrawal up to 90% of the balance at credit of the subscriber when it is applied for within 12 months before retirement.  This can be availed of only once, without assigning any reason for withdrawal and without any authorization from A.G. even if it is applied for within the last 4 months of service. (Rule 27(A) of General Provident Fund (Tamil Nadu) Rules)

The balances under V pay commission arrears can be taken into account for computing 90% Part Final Withdrawal