The Accounts Group in this office is headed by an I.A. & A.S. officer of the rank of Deputy Accountant General (DAG / Sr. DAG). The DAG in charge of Accounts group is the cadre controlling authority for the Divisional Accountants working in the State Public Works Divisions as regards regulation of their service matters and other personal claims.

The accounts of the Government of Tamil Nadu are being compiled from the initial accounts (Sub-accounts exhibiting Receipts and Disbursements up to the lowest tier of classification for the Major heads in operation, and Main Account constituting Major head wise aggregation of transactions striking the Cash Balance of the Government) rendered by the various Treasuries, Pay and Accounts Offices, Agricultural Engineering Workshop and Motor Vehicles Maintenance Organization. Further there is yet another account accommodating the Inter Government transactions, finally adjustable by the Accountant General.

Voucher Level Computerisation (VLC) does secondary level compiliation from the initial accounts received from the Treasuries/PAOs in the form of Main Accounts and Sub Account and generates the following accounts/reports which are rendered to the State Government:


  • Monthly Civil Accounts (Hard Copy)
  • Report on expenditure (Monthly Appropriation Accounts – Hard Copy)
  •  Detailed Accounts (Soft copy)


  • Finance Accounts
  • Appropriation Accounts
  • Accounts at a Glance