Conditions of Eligibility

All Government servants who joined service before 01/04/2003 other than re-employed persons shall compulsorily join the fund.  Temporary and officiating persons shall join on completion of six months of service.  No such servant who has been required or permitted to subscribe in Contributory Provident Fund (Tamil Nadu) shall be eligible to join the Fund .The following persons may join the Fund at their option subject to the conditions laid herein, namely:

  • Apprentices & probationers at any time before completion of 6 months service
  • Re-employed Government servants.
  • The Law officers in the City of Chennai.

As per Govt. of Tamilnadu, Finance (Pension) Department G.O.No.430 dated 06/08/2004, it is mandatory for all the Government employees who have joined service on or after 01/04/2003  to become the member of Contributory Pension Scheme only. However-

  • As per Government clarificatory letters No.92399/Fin (Pension) Dept/2005-1 dt.13.4.2006 & No.12473/Finance  (Pension) Department/2009 dt.27.05.2009,    “Employees who were already in pensionable Government service prior to 1.4.2003 and subsequently appointed in another Govt. service in regular scale of pay on or after 1.4.2003 and join the new post without any break, they can continue in the pension Scheme subject to the condition that the employee applied for the latter appointment through  proper channel.
  • The employees on daily wages / consolidated pay whose services were regularized with retrospective effect under regular time scale of pay from a date prior to 01/04/2003 will be covered under old pension / GPF scheme [Govt letter No.12473/Finance (Pension)/2009 dated 27/05/2009]
  • Temporary Government servants appointed under Rule 10 (a) (i) whose services are regularized prior to 01/04/2003 are eligible for old pension /GPF scheme.  If they are regularized on or after 01/04/2003 they will come under CPS even though they have been allotted GPF number temporarily [Govt letter No.12473/Finance (Pension)/2009 dated27/05/2009]
  • The candidates who have been selected by TNPSC prior to 01/04/2003 and joined in service after 01/04/2003 shall be brought under CPS only [Govt letter No.47286/’allowances/06-1 dated 07/09/2006]


Every subscriber has to nominate, in one of the applicable forms prescribed in the First schedule to the rules.  A subscriber can nominate one or more members of the family and specify the share payable to each nominee, if he/she nominates more than one person, in the prescribed form. 

  • Definition of family - For the purpose of GPF nomination, the family constitutes “spouse, parents, children, minor brothers, unmarried sisters, deceased son’s widow and children and if no parent of the subscriber is alive, a paternal grandparent.  A female subscriber can exclude her husband from the list of family members. 
  • When a nomination becomes invalid - If at the time of making the nomination the subscriber has no family, he shall  provide in the nomination that it shall become invalid in the event of his subsequently acquiring a family.
  • Cancellation of nomination - Every nomination made and every notice of cancellation given by a subscriber shall, to the extent that is valid, take effect from the date on which it is received by the Accounts officer or the Head of office, as the case may be.
  • Review of nominations - Every subscriber shall review his nomination once in five years and confirm or intimate any change in the nomination if necessary.