Final withdrawals from the Fund

Final withdrawal of accumulation in the Fund shall become payable to the government official;

  • when a subscriber quits the service
  • when a subscriber retires on superannuation.
  • in case of death while in service.

Submission of application for final withdrawal :

The application for the final withdrawal in the format prescribed in Annexure -III of G.O.321 dated 15.10.2019, duly signed by the subscriber / claimant should be given to the department 4 months prior to the date of superannuation (after the stoppage of subscription as per the rules-Last Fund Deduction) or as soon as the any other event necessitating closure of GPF accounts arises. As per Finance Department Letter No. 965/FS/Fin.(Allowances)2020, dated 21.05.2020, this application has to be forwarded to the Accountant General's office separately (not to be sent as part of pension proposals) along with requisite documents by the authority who is competent to sanction temporary advance / part final withdrawal to the subscriber.

Manner of payment :

The Accounts officer shall, after verification with subscriber’s account, issue an authority for the amount, determined as payable, at least a month before the date of superannuation, in respect of cases where final closure applications have been received in advance of retirement of the subscribers, but payable on or after the date following the date of superannuation.  If the Government servant dies while in service or dies after retirement but before receiving the amount, the GPF accumulations payable to him shall be paid to the nominee(s) on whom the right to receive the amount is conferred by means of nomination as per GPF (TN) Rules, if valid nomination subsists.  Other wise the amount shall be paid to the eligible legal heir(s) as per GPF (TN) Rules based on LHC.

Procedure on transfer of a Government Servant from one department to another

In case of Govt. servants subscribing to a GPF which is a non-contributory provident fund, or local body or State Railway provident fund,  permanently transferred to pensionable service under Government

The amount of subscriptions, together with interest thereon, standing to his credit in such other fund at the date of transfer of amount shall, with the consent of the Government concerned, be transferred to his credit in the Fund.   [Rule 32(a) of TNGPF Rules).

TOB from GPF to any other PF a/c viz University etc.

The subscriber may submit the duly filled in application, clearly mentioning the following details to the Head of office, under whom he / she last served before joining other service, who in turn will forward the same to this office.

  • The reason necessitating the closure of the account.
  • The New PF Account Number. 
  • The Name of the Drawing Officer with full address in favour of whom the Demand Draft should be drawn and,
  • The name of the Bank and the branch at which the DD is payable.