On receipt of the application and after verification of the proposal, AG admits the pensionary benefits based on the qualifying service and Average emoluments/PLD whichever is higher.

Admissibility Report relating to all benefits is being sent as a printed copy to the Departmental officer alongwith Service Register , with copy to the pensioners residential address.

AG authorises the pensionary benefits as Pension Payment Order, Gratuity Payment Order and Commutation Payment order (for Commuted Value of pension)

The above authorisations are being sent as Eauthorisations with digital signature.

  • Pension and Commuted Value of Pension for original cases are sent as a combined Eauthorization to the treasury/sub-treasury where the pensioner desires to draw his pension.
  • Gratuity Payment order for original cases is being sent as Eauthorisation directly to the District Treasury Officers/PAOs to which the Drawing & Disbursing Officers are attached. A printed intimation is sent to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer with copy to the pensioners residential address.
  • Revised Pension, Revised Commuted Value of Pension and Revised Gratuity are sent as Eauthorisations to the Treasury/sub treasury where the pensioner has opted to draw his pension.
  • Pensioners Intimation copy for all benefits can be downloaded from the office website using the option ‘Download PPO Intimation’ and ‘Download Revised Intimation’  for original and revision cases respectively. For Family Pension cases, the intimation letter to the family pensioner is being sent as a printed copy to the residential address.
  • On issue of Eauthorisation for all benefits, an SMS is sent to the pensioner whose mobile number has been provided with the pension proposal.

Manner of Payment:

Pension and Commuted Value of Pension:

On receipt of SMS/Admissibility report/Gratuity Intimation ,the pensioner should approach the Treasury Officers for first payment of pensionary benefits along with his id documents. Treasuries have been instructed not to insist on Intimation copy from the pensioners. However for information of pensioners, the intimation copy is also available for download from the office website as mentioned above.


As per the revised procedure prescribed in GO No.393 dated 20/12/2019,

  • Digitally signed Eauthorisations will be issued to the District Treasury Officers/PAOs to which the  Drawing & Disbursing Officer are attached and where the Govt.servant was drawing his salary. 
  • DDOs shall issue a No Due Certificate/Due Certificate in the prescribed format to the DTOs/PAOs concerned on or before the date of retirement of the Government servant.
  • On receipt of E-authorisation from AG and No Due Certificate/Due Certificate from the DDOs, the DTOs/PAOs will prepare the bill after affecting all dues from Gratuity and credit the net amount into the beneficiaries bank account through ECS.

Pension Payment Order

Combined authorization for Pension and Commuted Value of Pension is issued as Eauthorisation which is printed in the Treasury as  Pension Payment Order consisting of two Booklets – one meant for the Disbursing authority and the other for the individual. The rate of monthly pension, amount commuted, reduced  pension payable (i.e. after commutation), Commuted Value of Pension payable to a Government Servant and the rate  of family pension payable to the spouse (where the spouse of the individual is alive) are mentioned in the Pension Payment Order.

Family Pension

When a retired Government Servant dies, the Disbursing Authority can commence payment of Family Pension to the Spouse based on the relevant entries in the Pension Payment Order after observing the prescribed procedure as laid down in the Rules*.  In all other cases i.e., in respect of family members other than the spouse,  irrespective of their names specified in the Pension Payment Order, under the heading ‘Family members’, the family member concerned should make a claim in Form 14 through the Head of Office for issue of  a separate Family Pension Payment Order by the Office of the Accountant General (A&E) .

http://agae.tn.nic.in/Top.gif(*Tamil Nadu Pension Rules 1978)