More often than not, all the schedules / vouchers are not received from the T.O’s / PAOs for various reasons and hence some of the credits / refunds / withdrawals do not get posted in the account.  These missing entries can be included in the subscriber’s account subject to their furnishing of the wanting particulars as detailed below

  • Name of the subscriber
  • GPF A/C No.
  • Name of the DDO under whom serving.
  • Amount of subscription / refund / withdrawal
  • Salary month for which details are being furnished.
  • Sub account under which salary was drawn.
  • Treasury / sub-treasury where the salary was drawn.
  • Date of encashment of the Bill.
  • Huzur treasury Token Number/ voucher number / challan number.
  • Total of the schedule amount enclosed in the particular voucher as noted on the abstract in case of credits.

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