The Pr.AG / AG (A & E) maintains the the PF accounts of All India Service officers borne on Tamil Nadu cadre (AISPF), Tamil Nadu State Judicial officers, Tamil Nadu State Government Employees, TPF accounts of Panchayat / Municipal Elementary and Middle schools Teachers (with effect from 01/04/2014), PF accounts of Municipal High and Higher Secondary schools Teachers (with effect from 01/04/2019) and PF accounts of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Working in Chennai and Madurai Corporation Schools (with effect from 01/04/2019).

The Funds group is headed by an I.A. & A.S. officer in the rank of Sr.Deputy Accountant General / Deputy Accountant General.

All terms and conditions pertaining to rate of interest and conditions of subscription, advances and withdrawals from AISPF account of AIS officers and other related matters are governed by “THE ALL INDIA SERVICE PROVIDENT FUND RULES, 1955".

The guidelines covered in the forthcoming pages are governed by “THE GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND (TAMIL NADU) RULES, 2006".

Constitution of the Fund

The Fund shall be maintained in India in Rupees.