Administration Group is under the charge of the Senior Deputy Accountant General (Administration) and works to provide support to the functional Groups of this Office. This wing is entrusted with the work related to the Human Resource Management including posting, promotion, transfer and deputation of personnel, preparation of Revised Estimates- Budget Estimates, payment of pay and allowances and settlement of other personal claims of the staff of this Office, purchase of office materials, in-house training, holding of various departmental examinations and implementation of official language policy. Apart from the above functions, the Right To Information (RTI) cases, Departmental proceedings and court cases are also dealt with by this Group.

In addition the PAO/IAD also functions in this group which caters to the passing of bills and payment of claims of all the staff of 10 DDOs of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department stationed in Chennai.

There is also an IT Support Cell which acts as the coordinating section for the various groups in the Office, in respect all Information Technology related activities like maintenance of Hardware, Software and networking, purchase of IT hardware and consumables and communication with the vendors.