The primary objective of Treasury Inspection is to assist the departmental authorities to establish a system, where Treasuries work in accordance with the prescribed rules. Irregularities pointed out by Treasury Inspection Parties need to be rectified at the earliest by the Treasury Offices, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the working of Treasuries and quality of Accounts.

Within 20 days of the completion of each Treasury Inspection, the Accountant General will communicate the Inspection Report (IR) to respective units. Rectification reports on action taken for the Inspection Reports are required to be furnished within a month from the receipt of IRs by the concerned inspected units.

The outstanding paras of Inspection Reports are periodically monitored and being brought to the notice of concerned officials by demi official letters at appropriate levels. If requested by CTA, Joint sittings with Treasuries and Accounts Department are being organized by this office for the clearance of outstanding paras, on the basis of replies furnished by the concerned units.