Revision of pension of pensioner of Meghalaya Government is to be done as and when there is a change in the last pay/average emolument as a result of fixation of pay on implementation of pay commission and grant of ACPs/MACPs on a later date after the date of retirement.

The procedure to be followed for revision of pensions cases are listed below:

  • The concerned DDOs/HODs are to call back the service books/IPS of those pensioners who retired after implementation of pay commission but their pension cases were settled in pre revised pay, and of those pensioners who were eligible for ACPs/MACPs but were not granted on due date before the date of retirement.
  • The concerned DDOs/HODs will initiate for approval of revised IPS from the Finance (PR) Department/obtaining necessary order for grant of Financial Upgradation under ACPS/MACPs from the concerned authorities.
  • After approval of revised IPS/ fixation and regulation of the revised pay done in the Service Book, it has to be forwarded to the Office of the Accountant General (A&E) Meghalaya along with necessary order for revision of Pension.
  • On receipt of the Service Books, Revised approved IPS, Revised Last Pay Certificate etc., in complete shape the recalculation of pensionery benefit will be done by A.G. Office and accordingly revised authority will be issued to the concerned Disbursing Authorities for making payment with a copy each to person concerned and the DDOs/HODs.