A subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the Fund even during the period of Suspension,

Provided that a subscriber may at his/her option, elect not to subscribe during leave,

Provided further that a subscriber on reinstatement after a period passed under suspension shall be allowed the option of paying in one sum or in installments any sum not exceeding the maximum amount of arrear subscriptions permissible for that period.

Subscription may be any sum, so expressed by the subscriber, not less than 6 percent of his emoluments and not more than his total emoluments.

Amount of subscription may be increased twice and decreased once in a year.  But, the amount of subscription so fixed shall in no case fall below 6 percent and not more than his / her total emoluments.

Emoluments for the purpose of determining the amount of Subscription

Emoluments in case of G.P. Fund means Basic Pay, Dearness Pay, Special Pay etc. which are mentioned in Section 5(28) W.B.S.R. Part-I (Emoluments mean Pay, Leave Salary or subsistence grant as defined in the W.B.S.R. Part-I, and any remuneration of the nature of pay received in  respect of foreign service).

Unauthorised subscription to GPF Account

Subscription less than 6 percent and the subscription amount more than the subscriber’s emoluments shall be treated as unauthorised subscription and it will not earn interest. If the basic pay as on 31st March of each accounting year is not mentioned in the schedule, the entire subscriptions during the year will also be treated as unauthorised subscription and will not earn any interest on the said amount.

Stoppage of subscription to GPF Account

In terms of finance Department, Government of West Bengal Memo No. 1991-F dated- 01.3.1999, subscription towards G.P.F. shall be stopped compulsorily three months before the date of retirement.