Do’s Don’ts
1. Ensure that correct Series & Number are quoted with the Account Number issued by this office in the GPF schedules 1. Do not omit the Account No. or Name while preparing the Schedules. Do not change the "series" of the Account Number unilaterally, just because the employee has been transferred from one department to another. "Series" is a part of the Account Number which is allotted by this office. Changing the "Series" unilaterally will create a duplicate Account Number which will result in missing credits against the subscriber's account.
2. Ensure that full name of the subscriber is quoted against the Account Number. Avoid initializing the name with the title of the subscriber. Example: P. Angami, S. Sema, etc. - avoid these. Provide full name - Puhonol Angami, Sukhavi Sema, etc. 2. Do not use nicknames or short names of the subscribers.
3. Ensure that Schedules are prepared in chronological order of the Subscribers Account Number. 3. Subscriptions to GPF should not be deducted from the pay bills before allotment of Account Numbers from Pr.A.G’s office.
4. Ensure that minimum subscription of the employee is not less than 6% of Basic Pay + Dearness Pay and not more than Basic Pay + Dearness Pay 4. Do not club the monthly subscription alongwith refund of withdrawals. This has to be shown separately in the schedule indicating as "refund" or "subscription" against the amount.
5. Ensure that all schedules are properly signed and stamped by DDOs and TOs. 5. Do not club more than one months subscription or refund together. If an employee draws more than one month's pay at a time, the GPF schedule should either be prepared separately for each month or the amount shown separately for each month.
6. Ensure that Grade IV and work charged staffs' schedules are NOT clubbed along with schedules of Grade III or others. Separate Schedules are to be prepared. 6. Do not prepare Grade IV schedules along with schedules of Grade III or above.
While forwarding papers for withdrawals from Fund
1. Ensure that the latest and original copy of the GPF statement is attached with the application of the subscriber.  1. DDOs should not sanction G.P.F advances to any subscribers under their control without paying proper attention to their G.P.F accumulation causing negative balance to their accounts.
2, Ensure that the Government sanction order is attached with the application forwarded to this office for withdrawals from the fund. 2. Do not use photocopies of Statements or older versions of statements for authorising withdrawals from Fund.
3. Authorize amount within available Credit of the Subscriber as per his/her latest GPF statement. 3. Do not authorise to sanction withdrawals for an amount greater than the balance shown in the GPF statement.
While forwarding papers for Final withdrawal from Fund
1. Final payments cases (on retirement) should be furnished in 10A Form. All the requisite information/certificates as stated in the form should be in unambiguous form and D.D.O must verify all relevant office records before submission to the Pr.A.G.’s office. 1. Do not send final payment papers directly to this office. Ensure that the papers are routed through the department concerned.
2. Before submission of the case to the office of the Pr.AG (A&E) it must be ensured that the subscriber has signed with date and mentioned residential address with Pin Code in the space provided for the purpose. DDO/Head of the office should also sign with date using his official seal.