Do’s Don’ts
1. Ensure that correct Series & Number are quoted with the Account Number issued by this office in the GPF schedules 1. If at the time of making nomination, the subscriber has a family the nomination shall not be in favour of any person or persons other than the members of his/her family. However, if a subscriber by notification in writing expresses her desire to exclude her husband from her family, the husband shall thenceforth be deemed to be no longer a member of the subscriber’s family unless the subscriber subsequently cancels formally in writing her notification excluding him.
2. Ensure that full name of the subscriber is quoted against the Account Number. Avoid initializing the name with the title of the subscriber. Example: P. Angami, S. Sema, etc. - avoid these. Provide full name - Puhonol Angami, Sukhavi Sema, etc. 2. Do not use nicknames or short names of the subscribers.
While forwarding papers for Final withdrawal from Fund
1. Final payments cases (on retirement) should be furnished in 10A Form which should be properly filled in. All the requisite information/certificates as stated in the form should be in unambiguous form.  
2. Claim for payment of GPF balance should be submitted within two months from the date of retirement in order to avoid any loss of interest for the delay on the part of the subscriber, the beneficiary/beneficiaries should also furnish claim for the GPF money within two months from the date of death.