Details of missing credits/debits are shown in the Accounts Statement. In case those subscriptions/refunds of withdrawal/withdrawals were actually made, the subscriber must give particulars of the vouchers in which the deductions were made/amounts withdrawn indicating the number of each voucher, date of its encashment, name of the treasury, head of account and the net amount of the  voucher under the signature of the Head of the office/D.D.O.

Subscriber should invariably intimate his/her date of birth in order to facilitate preparation of retirement profile as well as to login into Website in the Accountant General’s office.  Subscriber should also intimate Mobile Number to facilitate SMS alert of monthly balance and adjustment amount of missing credit, if any.

Schedule of General Provident Fund Deduction should be attached with each month’s salary bill. It is utmost necessary to fill up this schedule correctly.

Special Pay, if any, in terms of Rule 5(28) of W.B.S.R. Part-I should be mentioned along with the Basic Pay at Column No. 3 of the schedule where there is provision to mention Pay or/and leave salary for the month.

GPF Account Number with prefixed guide letters (viz, Works, Police, Admn, Agri, Edn, Just etc) should be mentioned correctly and arranged chronologically.

One carbon copy of the schedule should be kept in D.D.O’s office. Furnishing of attested copy of carbon copy of schedule will help speedy regularisation of Missing Credit.

Subscriber’s name should not be written in short form in the schedule. As for example BimalBaran Roy should not be written as B.B. Roy.

Before sending claim application (Form 10 A/10 B) for GPF Final Payment to Accountant General’s office, D.D.O. should ensure that all the requisite certificates as mentioned in Form 10 A/10 B are furnished with proper verification of office record which will ensure speedy disposal of the case.

In case at the time of retirement, a subscriber is found to have drawn from the fund an amount in excess of the amount standing to his credit, the overdrawn amount shall be recovered by deduction in one lump sum from the relief in pension of the subscriber, if the amount of relief till the entire overdrawal amount together with interest is duly recovered. For the purpose, the rate of interest to be charged on overdrawn amount shall be 2 1/2  % over and above the normal rate of interest.

[Govt. of W.B.F.D.No.3241-F dt.18-3-1989]