Missing debits arise mainly due to non-receipt of GPF payment vouchers from the Treasuries for various reasons and as a result, there are Sanctions received without corresponding debit and Refund received without corresponding debit. Sometimes there are un-posted debit due to incorrect GPF Account No., Subscriber Name etc. in the payment vouchers.

The GPF account shows inflated balance due to missing debit and interest thereon. This amount will be recovered from the balance at the time of final settlement. Sometimes, the delayed recovery of missing debit and interest leads to minus balance in the GPF account which has to be recovered from pensioner benefits.

GPF advances granted to the subscriber but not appearing in his GPF A/c slip should invariably be brought to the notice of Principal Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal, through Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) giving full details of advance so sanctioned and drawn.