(Rule 44, 45, 46,47, 48, 49,50,51,52& 53 of Meghalaya Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1983)

To whom it is payable when a Government Servant dies while in service or after retirement, family pension is payable to the Family.

The Family for the purpose of Family Pension means –

First Category

(i) Widow or Widower, up to the date of death or remarriage, whichever is earlier

(ii) Son/daughter including widowed daughter up to the date of his/her marriage/re-marriage or   till the date he/she starts earning or till the age of twenty five years, whichever is earlier.

Note 1: (ii) above will include legally adopted sons/daughters.

Note 2:Post retiral spouses/children born after retirement:- The family pension is admissible

To post retiral spouses and children born/adopted legally after retirement.

Second Category

(iii). Unmarried/widowed/divorced daughter, not covered by First Category above, upto the date of marriage/remarriage or till the date she starts earning or up to the date of death, whichever is earlier; and,

(iv) Parents who were wholly dependent on the Government servant when he/she was alive. Family pension to dependent unmarried/widowed/divorced daughter/parents shall continue till the date of death.

Provide that the family pension to unmarried/widowed/divorced daughters in “Second Category” and dependent parents shall be payable only after the other eligible family members in “First Category” have ceased to be eligible to receive family pension. Grant of family pension to children in respective categories shall be payable in order of their date of birth and younger of them will bnot be eligible for family pension unless the next above him/her has become ineligible for grant of family pension in that category.

Note:- The income criteria for dependency in respect of eligible “Second Category” family pensioner(s) shall be the minimum family pension including dearness allowance.

In the event of re-marriage or death of the widow/widower, the Family Pension will be granted to the minor children through their natural guardian.