This office undertakes various training programmes throughout the year for the employees of this office to update and acquaint them with various rules and regulations.  For this purpose, employees are sent to the Regional Training Institute (RTI)  in the state and also at other states.  Further, a considerable number of employees are also sent to the 'Administrative Training Institute' , under Government of West Bengal for various trainings.

At the outset, RTI, asks for ' Training Need Analysis' (TNA) for the coming year and accordingly office sends the TNA to RTI.  Thereafter, on the basis of TNA received from different offices, RTI prepares the 'Calendar of Training Programmes' (COTP).  On the basis of COTP, candidates are nominated and send regularly for training.

Besides this,  an exhaustive calendar for the entire office is also prepared for in-house training of the employees as per headquarters' office standing order.  In addition, to in-house trainers, faculties from different streams of the society, are also invited to deliver lecture in the in-house sessions for the benefit of the employees.

A large number of employees are also sent to attend the relevant training sessions, conducted by the 'Administrative Training Institute' , under the Government of West Bengal.

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