The Economic Sector Audit-I (ESA-I) is responsible for audit of accounts of State Government Departments/Agencies/Autonomous Bodies grouped under “Economic Sector”.  ESA-I is responsible for the audit of Eighteen (18) Departments [Five (5) Engineering and thirteen (13) Non-engineering Departments of Government of West Bengal and seventeen (17) Autonomous Bodies under the control of Government of West Bengal in accordance with the provisions contained in the C.P.W.A. Code, Accounts Code Vol-III and the Financial Rules/Departmental Codes/Manuals of the State Government and orders of C&AG as available in M.S.O. (Audit) & M.S.O. (A&E) and Regulation of Audit and Accounts. The ESA-I Wing comprises of ESA-I (Co-ordination), ESA-I (Headquarters-I, II & III), ESA-I (Report), Compliance Audit Report Cell, Information Technology Cell, Financial Audit Wing (FAW), Field Audit Parties (FAP) and Central Audit Parties (CAP), Resident Audit Office (HRBC) under the control of Group officer.

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