The AMG-III is responsible for audit of accounts of State Government Departments/ Agencies/ Autonomous Bodies grouped under three clusters viz., 1. Public Works 2. Water Resources 3. Culture & Tourism in accordance with the provisions contained in the C.P.W.A. Code, Accounts Code Vol-III and the Financial Rules/Departmental Codes/Manuals of the State Government and orders of C&AG as available in M.S.O. (Audit) & M.S.O. (A&E) and Regulation of Audit and Accounts. There are six (06) Departments [Four (04) Engineering and two (02) Non-engineering Departments] and Twelve (12) Autonomous Bodies, Five (05) EAPs, Eight (08) PSUs and One (01) Inactive Statutory Corporation within these three clusters. The AMG-III Wing comprises, Headquarters-I (including Co-ordination), II & III, Financial Audit Wing (FAW), Resident Audit Office/Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners (HRBC), Field Audit Parties (FAPs) under the control of Group officer.

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