Administration -I wing, prepares the Budget Estimates and Revised Estimates for this office. At the beginning of a financial year ‘Vote on Account’ is;granted  and accordingly headquarters' office intimates the same to the field office.  Expenditure under various heads are made on receipt of Budget Estimate from Headquarters’ office  for that particular financial year. Further, every month, a report is prepared after reviewing such expenditures and the report is send to headquarters office after due reconciliation with Pay and Accounts Office and the  Drawing and Disbursing Officer within 2nd day of the next month.  Expenditures of day to day basis are monitored by the DDO of this office. During the month of September we issue/prepare Revised Estimates on the basis of actual requirements for the remaining part of the financial year  and also Budget Estimate for the next financial year. A final expenditure report for the financial year is sent during the month of May of the following financial year in the form of ‘March Final’. The entire process of requisition for funds and expenditure thereof, are maintained through a system called iBEMS (Budget Expenditure and Monitoring System introduced by headquarters office.




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