Audit Management Group-I (Audit Sector)


AMG-I (Audit Sector)

AMG-I (Audit Sector) Group, previously known as Revenue Sector Audit wing prior to 1st January, 2021, came into existence since June 2009 on inter division of Office AG (Audit-II) W.B. This Group has been entrusted to examine and audit the accounts of:

  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Animal Resources Development
  • Food Processing Industries and Horticulture
  • Fisheries
  • Food & Supplies
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Cooperation

AMG-I (Audit Sector) under the charge of Senior Deputy Accountant General/Deputy Accountant General of the Indian Audit & Accounts Service and works under the supervision of Accountant General (Audit-II), West Bengal, Kolkata.


Responsibilities in brief


Control and co-ordination among the sections and the field audit parties of AMG-I as well as maintenance of coordination with HQ and other wings of this office coupled with state offices and other offices also.

Main coordinating section of AMG-I wing relating to all the establishment matter like issues of Leave & TA and other staff related matters including transfer and posting etc. Preparation of Annual Audit Plan cum Quarterly Programme. Vetting when required


Vetting, Maintenance and Follow up of Inspection Reports, Separate Audit Report (SAR) etc. Issue of Audit Certificate on the SoE and Proforma Accounts, Calculation of Audit fees etc.

Audit Universe of AMG-I Wing

Civil Audit

Apex Auditable Entities

Audit Units

Implementing Units






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