Group Officer-in-Charge: Shri Sathish M,  Deputy Accountant General

  1. Coordination Branch (Co-ordination & HQ – I)

Vetting of IRs of the following Departments:

  1. Environment
  2. Science & Technology and Biotechnology
  3. Forest
  1. Coordination Branch is designated as the Headquarters/ Controlling Branch of AMG – II as the same controls the manpower within AMG – II on behalf of Group Officer. Various functions of this branch are as follows:
  1. Preparation and implementation of Annual Audit Plan following risk assessment methodology
  2. Preparation of audit tour programme for implementation of the Annual Audit Plan;
  3. Intimating the units about the conduct of audit by the PAPs with the instruction to supply the records and information as may be required by them for conducting audit
  4. Processing and submitting the periodical reports and returns to designated wings of the office and to the CAG Hqs office.
  5. Deployment/redeployment of manpower within AMG – II
  6. Dealing with Complaints (received against staff of AMG – II Group), if any;
  7. Scheduling of audit units on priority basis for audit/ re-audit/special audit etc.;
  8. Assessing of training needs of AMG-II and coordination between Administration wings regarding nomination, scheduling and management of training programmes including faculty support;
  9. Convening Quarterly Meetings, ACMs with the three Departments.
  10. Maintaining and reporting of leave and related matters of AMG – II
  11. Maintenance and analysis of newspaper/press clippings
  12. Maintenance of relevant internal control documents viz. Objection Book, Control Register, Adjustment Register and other returns
  13. Processing of Right to Information (RTI) queries;
    1. Processing of IRs of the three Departments and issue of the IRs.

Processing and finalisation of reports of DCA and PA

All other function/responsibility as assigned/delegated by the Group Officers or AG.

2. Vetting Report Branch (HQ – II)

Vetting Branch is entrusted with the following Departments: -

  1. Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises & Textiles
  2. Public Enterprises & Industrial Reconstruction
  3. Industry, Commerce & Enterprises
  1. Monitoring the receipt and issue of Inspection Reports;
  2. Receipt, Recording, Verification and Transmission of Draft Inspection Reports;
  3. Timely Receipt, Recording and Issue of the approved Inspection Reports;
  4. Processing of Broadsheet replies;
  5. Convening Audit Committee Meetings/Bi-lateral Meetings with the three departments
  6. Vetting of draft Inspection Reports for approval of the Group Officer
  7. Scrutiny of draft Separate Audit Reports (SAR) and comments on accounts in respect of PSUs and ABs under AMG-II
  8. Transmission of draft Separate Audit Reports (SAR) and comments on accounts to Head Quarters for approval, as necessary 
  9. Issue of approved SARs to the Government for laying before the Legislative Assembly
  10. Pursuing the entrustment of audit of the units
  11. Processing and preferring claims of audit fees and remitting the same when received to the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the o/o the PAG (Audit I), West Bengal
  12. Any other function/ responsibility as delegated by the Group Officer or AG.
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