Provisional payments of Pay and allowances and leave salary can be made in accordance with the orders of the Governments concerned on the subject and also at the discretion of the Pr.Accountant General, to avoid unnecessary hardship to officers. In allowing provisional payments, the Pr. Accountant General observes the following principle:

  • No provisional payment is normally made without a request received from the authority that is competent finally to sanction the payment, and the request should indicate the period (which should be short) for which payment should be passed provisionally.
  • The officer should be clearly informed that the payment is provisional. A proper register is maintained to watch the receipt of the final orders and that the provisional payments do not extend beyond the period for which they were sanctioned

Foreign Service

On deputation to Public Sector Undertakings / Quasi Government Undertakings / Corporations within the State/ outside the State, the following documents are necessary for intimation of pay particulars to the Foreign Employer who shall regulate the Pay and Allowances of the Officer as per the terms and conditions:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Appointment Order
  • Certificates of Transfer of Charge
  • Last Pay Certificate from the Treasury Officer concerned

Transit Pay and Allowances at both the ends shall be borne by the Foreign Employer/Department. The Leave Salary Contribution and Pension Contribution to the Government during period of deputation shall be remitted either by the foreign employer or by the person concerned, if the foreign employer refuses to pay.

On deputation to Government of India

On receipt of necessary documents, Statement of Service shall be sent to the Pay and Account Officer of the concerned Ministry who shall regulate further Pay and Allowances including subsequent increments.