The Administration Group acts as the supplementary wing to provide support to the functional groups of this office. The administration wing has to work on recruitment, posting, promotion, transfer and deputation of personnel, holding of various departmental examinations including Subordinate Accounts Services (SAS)/ Incentive Examination (IE)/Continuous Professional Development (CPD), preparation of Revised Estimates- Budget Estimates, payment of pay and allowances and settlement of other personal claims including pension of employees, purchase of office materials  in-service training and implementation of official language policy mainly constitute the function of this Group which is under the charge of the Deputy Accountant General (Administration).Apart from the above function, the RTI (Right To Information) cases and court cases are also dealt with by this Group.

What we do

1. Finalization of Pension, Gratuity, Commutation of Pension, Leave Encashment, Family Pension and Revision of Pension cases in respect of retired staff of this office.

2. Maintenance of Recruitment Policy, Policy regarding Sports Quota, Policy regarding Hiring of retired employees.

3. Maintenance of personal files and service books in respect of all Staff.

4. Fixation of Pay and Maintenance of promotion policy.

5. Preparation of Revised Estimate and Budget Estimate, Reconciliation of monthly expenditure through BEMS, Preparation of monthly Review of Expenditure, Monitoring of Fund Position and Progressive expenditure through BEMS.

6. Preparation of monthly Sanctioned Strength and Person-in-Position Report and processing of pension cases through Bhavishya Portal.

7. Correspondence regarding deputation of all staff of this office and maintenance of sectional transfer posting.

8. Reports on representation of minority communities and women in IA&AD.

9. Correspondence regarding Mutual Transfer, sexual harassment of women on work place, RTI and Preparation of holiday list.

10. Arrangement of all in-house examinations, preparation of APARs of all the staffs of this office and maintenance of posting profile.