The office of the Pr. Accountant General (A&E) Nagaland maintains the GPF accounts of about 45,000 employees of the Government of Nagaland. The GPF group is headed by Dy. Accountant General (A&E).

As there are no separate rules for the Government of Nagaland in respect of GPF, the employees of the Government of Nagaland are governed by GPF(CS) Rules as far as GPF accounts are concerned.


Temporary Government servants after continuous service of one-year, re-employed pensioners and permanent Government servants shall subscribe to GPF compulsorily. Temporary Government servants may subscribe to GPF even before completion of one year's service.


Amount of Subscription

A sum (in whole rupees) as fixed by the subscriber, subject to a minimum of 6% of emoluments and not more than his total emoluments.

Minimum Subscription

Should be fixed with reference to the emoluments on the 31st March of the preceding year and in the case of new subscribers to the emoluments on the date of joining the Fund


Subscription may be increased twice and/or reduce once at any time during the year.

Suspension of Subscription

Subscription to the fund shall be stopped during suspension, and at the option of the Government servant during leave on half pay, leave without pay and dies non. Proportionate subscription to be recovered for the period of duty and any leave other than HPL/EOL.


The Government shall pay to the credit of the amount of a subscriber, interest at such rate as may be determined for each year according to the method of calculation prescribed from time to time by the Govt. of India. The present rate of interest is 8% (2005-06) for the amount standing at the credit of the subscriber’s account at the end of the financial year. It shall be credited with effect from the last day in each financial year.


A subscriber can nominate one or more persons conferring the right to receive his GPF amount in the event of his death. If more than one person is nominated, the amount of share payable to each should be indicated clearly. A subscriber may at any time cancel a nomination by due notice and send a fresh nomination. A subscriber having a family can nominate only members of his family.


"Family" includes wife/wives except judicially separated wife, husband (unless expressly excluded), parents, a paternal grandparent when no parent is alive, children (including adopted children), minor brothers, unmarried sisters and deceased son's widow and children. A war under the "Guardians and Wards Act, 1890", who lives with the Government servant and to whom the Government Servant has given through a special will the same status as that of a natural child will also be treated as a member of the family.


Temporary Advances

A subscriber to a GPF may, subject to certain conditions, obtain a loan from his Fund a/c to meet the expenditure on specified objects. The load thus obtained should be repaid to the Fund either in monthly instalments or lumpsum.


Advances from the GPF may be sanctioned for the following purposes

  • To pay expenses in connection with the illness, confinement or a disability of the subscriber and members of his family or any person actually dependent on him.
  • To meet the cost of higher education of the members of his family or any person actually dependent on him (a) for academic, technical, professional or vocational courses outside India and (b) for any medical, engineering or other technical or specialized course in India.
  • To pay obligatory expenses which by customary usage a subscriber has to incur in connection with betrothal, marriage, funeral or other ceremonies, on a scale appropriate to his status.
  • To meet the cost of legal proceedings instituted by him or against him, any member of his family or any person actually dependent upon him.
  • To meet the cost of his defense, where he engaged a legal practitioner to defend himself in an enquiry in respect of any alleged official misconduct on his part.
  • To purchase consumer durables like TV/VCR/VCP/Washing Machine, etc.

Withdrawals from GPF

A subscriber to the Fund may after rendering a minimum period of service, withdraw a portion of the accumulation in his Fund a/c to meet the expenditure on the specified objects. The amount thus withdrawn from the Fund need not be repaid to the Fund.


Withdrawals from the GPF may be sanctioned for the following purposes:-

After completion of fifteen years of service or within ten years before the date of retirement on superannuation, whichever is earlier- .

  • Meeting the cost of specified higher education in India and outside India.
  • Meeting the expenses in connection with betrothal/marriage of the subscriber or his sons or daughters, or any other female relation actually dependent on him.
  • Meeting the expenses in connection with the illness of the subscriber or members of his family or any person actually dependent on him.
  • Purchasing consumer durables like TV/VCR/VCP/Washing Machine/Cooking Range/ Geysers/Computers.

During the service of the subscriber-

  • Purchasing a house site for building a house thereon.
  • Building a house for his residence including purchase of plot.
  • Acquiring a ready-built house or flat.
  • Reconstructing or making additions or alterations to an existing house.
  • Repaying any outstanding amount of loan expressly taken for these purposes.
  • if) Payment of conversion charges in respect of property allotted/ transferred by Delhi Development Authorities, State Housing Board or the House Building Co-operative Societies.

Within 12 months before the date of superannuation without linking to any purpose.

After completion of fifteen years of service or when there is less than five years service for superannuation

For purchasing a motor car, motor cycle or scooter or for repaying a Government loan already taken for the purpose.

After completion of twenty-eight years of service or when there is less than three years for superannuation.

For the extensive repairs or overhauling of motor car of the subscriber.

Irrespective of any length of years of service.

  • Once during the course of a financial year, an amount equivalent to one year's subscription paid for by the subscriber towards the Central Government Employees' Group Insurance Scheme.
  • To meet charges for conversion from leasehold to freehold of property allotted/transferred by DDA/State Housing Boards/ Co-operative Societies, etc.

Final Payment

The amount standing at credit shall become payable when the subscriber-

  • Quits service
  • Is dismissed/removed from service or dies in service.
  • Proceeds on leave preparatory to retirement.
  • Retires from service/permitted to retire or declared by a competent Medical Authority to be unfit for further service.