CHECKLIST (For the pension sanctioning authority of the Department)


  • Maintain service book of the Government servant properly with all noting of fixation of pay, promotion, scale of pay, stepping up of pay, post held, leave, suspense, re-instatement extension (adhoc service or service extension) superannuation etc. under proper attestation along with any other non-qualifying service.
  • Process pension cases 2(Two) years before tha date of superannuation of the Government Servant.
  • Regulation of pay i.e., in the case of promotion, step up, Non-Functional Scale, revision of pay etc. may be checked further before sending the case to the office of the Sr. Dy. Accountant General(A&E), Manipur.
  • Every effort should be made to complete the verification of service in the manner specified in the rule and to make good the omissions, imperfections or deficiencies which have a direct bearing on the determination of emoluments and the service qualifying for pension.
  • Obtain necessary particulars in Form-8 from the retiring Government employee eight months before the date of retirement.
  • Nominations for General Provident Fund, Death cum Retirement Gratuity, Group Insurance etc. should be obtained from the Government servant and the concerned nominations forwarded to the office of the Sr. Dy. Accountant General(A&E) alongwith pension papers, complete in all respect with Form-8 not later than six months before the date of retirement.
  • After sending the pension papers to the Sr. Dy. Accountant General(A&E), report to him at the earliest, any event, if occurs, which has bearing on the amount of pension/gratuity admissible.
  • A consolidated “No Demand Certificate” may be furnished, by the Head of the Office.
  • A notification/office order indicating the date of superannuation/retirement should be sent to the office of the Sr. Dy. Accountant General(A&E) after the retirement of the Government servant.
  • Government dues payable by the retiring Government employees pertaining to Government accommodation be ascertained expeditiously and recovery be effected.
  • When the Government servant dies while in service, Head of Office shall initiate immediate action for obtaining claim for family pension and death gratuity using Form-13 and follow-up action is to be taken up.
  • In death cases, the process of determination of qualifying service and emoluments should be completed within one month of the receipt of intimation of the date of death of the Government employee.
  • Family pension papers, comprising among others Forms-12, 14,18 and 19, No Demand Certificate/Details of dues, death certificate etc. alongwith service book, duly completed in all respect should be forwarded to the Sr. Dy. Accountant General(A&E), Manipur not later than one month of the receipt of claim by the Head of Office.
  • In case of Pre-mature retirement, copy of the notice of retiring Government servant, office order accepting the notice and his/her retirement order should be sent with the pension case. In the case of Pre-mature retirement under Rule 48-A of the MCS(Pension) Rules, 1977, completion of 20 years qualifying service must be ensured before accepting the notice.
  • In the case of invalid pension, certificate of the competent medical authority and copy of retirement order should invariably be enclosed with the pension case.
  • Where the Government employee had rendered military service, details of military service, pension/gratuity etc., if any, availed in lieu thereof should be duly recorded in the service book and intimated. Copy of the discharge certificate of the Defence Department should be sent with pension case to the office of the Sr. Dy. Accountant General (A&E).
  • Application for commutation of pension, if applied for, should be in correct Form (Form-1/Form-2). The date of receipt of application with the department must be recorded.
  •  Entry in the service book regarding pay fixation should be clear, comprehensive and duly audited by the concerned authority.
  • When pension has been sanctioned by the department in terms of decree of a Court, it should invariably be intimated whether appeal in the Higher Court has been filed or not, by the Government/Department.
  • In Form-3, where details of family members were shown, inclusion of grand children as son/daughter and ineligible wife as eligible wife should be checked.
  • Last Pay Certificate for those who retire/expire before completion of a full month, actual date upto which he had been paid and actual amount paid, should be checked.

DON’Ts :-

  • Do not keep any noting in service book unattested.
  • Avoid processing of pension cases just before retirement or after the retirement.
  • Do not delay submission of pension cases to the office of the Sr. Dy. Accountant General(A&E), Manipur.
  • Do not keep any period of service unverified.
  • Do not forward any form unfulfilled.
  • Do not forward Form-3 without proper checking of family members.