Where the system or issue of pay slips to Gazetted Officers of a State Government by the Accountant General is in vogue the responsibility for the authorization and check of pay and allowances is that of the Accountant General (A&E), Office.

Hence, the duty of maintaining the connected records, registers, leave accounts etc. and issuing of pay slips, leave salary certificates, authority for leave encashments and leave at credit reports etc. in respect of the Gazetted Govt. servants of Manipur State Govt. will devolve on the office of the Sr. Dy. Accountant General (A&E), Manipur.

The pay, leave salary and other allowances admissible to various claims of Gazetted Govt. servants are regulated with reference to the rules and regulations made by competent authority of the State Govt. governing the conditions of service.

Conditions on which a fresh pay slip is issued

  • When any increment is stopped
  • When any bar against the grant of a particulars increment is removed.
  • When there is change of any kind in emoluments.
  • When an officer is transferred. 
  • On promotion/appointment