Submission of Claims: Ensure to submit your claims in the prescribed proforma for grant of pension/gratuity/commutation/revision to your Head of Office atleast six months before the date of your retirement so that the Pension Payment Order (PPO) reaches you through your Head of Office before your retirement.

Verification of PPO: As soon as you receive your PPO, please verify details recorded therein. In case of any correction(s) required in the PPO, please contact Sr. Accounts Officer(Pension), Manipur.

Physically Disabled/Mentally Retarded Children: If you have any physically disabled or mentally retarded child/children, please ensure that his/their details are furnished to your Head of Office for making an endorsement in your service and pension record and obtain an acknowledgement of this intimation.

Restoration of Commuted Pension: Commuted portion of your pension can be restored on completion of 15 years from the date of receipt of the commuted value of your pension. In case the same has not been restored, contact Pension Disbursing Authority/pension paying bank.

Commutation of Pension: Please note that commuted portion of pension is required to be reduced from pension from the date of payment of the commuted value of the pension or after three months from the date of issue of PPO or from the date, capitalized sum is credited to the pensioners account.If the commuted portion of pension is not reduced as above, bring this to the notice of Treasury Office concerned immediately to avoid a heavy recovery later.

Receipt of Two Pensions: If you are in receipt of more than one pension, you should furnish full details to your Treasury Officer concerned for revision of both the pensions and regulating dearness relief thereon.

Arrear of Pension: If the pension is not drawn for more than a year, for any reason, it becomes time-barred and would require the sanction of the competent authority.