The PAG (A&E) would conduct periodical inspection of Treasuries to test check transactions, verify maintenance of accounts and other records as prescribed in the rules and regulations. These inspections are followed up by inspection reports incorporating the irregularities noticed during the inspection. All Inspection Reports would be issued to the respective Sub Treasuries duly marking copies to the concerned District Treasury and Director of Treasuries and Accounts for compliance. The Treasury Officer shall dispose off post audit objections within a fortnight of its receipt and shall maintain a post audit register to watch clearance of paras periodically.

Treasuries and Sub-treasuries in Andhra Pradesh State function under the administrative control of the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts (DTA) which inturn is controlled by the Finance Department of the State Government. There are 28 DTOs, 43 Div.STOs and 153 STOs in Andhra Pradesh State for which inspection is conducted annually/biennially including DTA (1 DTA + 223 = 224).

 Annual Review on Working of treasuries:  A consolidated report i e., Annual Review Report on working of treasuries is prepared every year to highlight the irregularities and defects noticed during the course of inspection.  The report is being placed in this office website