The Office of the AG (A&E) is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. This involves the following: The further (or secondary) compilation of accounts rendered by various accounts rendering units of the State Government (viz., treasuries and pay and accounts officers); Inspection of district treasuries; Reconciliation of the figures of the State’s cash balance communicated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI); Communication of the interest liability of the State Government on loans, deposits, and funds; Monitoring the impact of inter-Government (both Centre and other States) transactions on the State Government finances; Monthly, quarterly and annual review of receipts and expenditure of the State Government; Finalisation of the Annual Finance and Appropriation Accounts of the State Government for submission to the State Legislature; Post-facto review of the Budget presented to the State Legislature for its compliance with prescribed accounting classifications. 
In addition, the AG (A&E) also performs the following Entitlement functions on behalf of the State Government: Maintaining the General Provident Fund accounts of various Constitutional functionaries (Judiciary etc.,) in the State Government All India Service (AIS) officers borne on the State Government, and State Government employees. This work involves the monthly accounting of the debits and credits; reconciliation of balances; preparation of annual accounts statements; and authorization of final balances on death or retirement of the subscriber; Maintaining the accounts of Long Term Advances (House Building, Motor Car, and Computer advances) drawn by AIS officers and other employees of the State Government; Verification and authorization of pensioner benefits (Pension, Commutation of Pension and Gratuity) of State Government employees and AIS officers (excepting those who opt to draw it from the Central Pension Authority) of the State Government.                                                                                                              

Branch Office:   Camp Office at Vijayawada,Andhra Pradesh has been established for smooth functioning and also for step by step moment of the parent office to the new capital of Andhrapradesh.