Family for the purpose of Karnataka Government Servants (FP) Rules, 1964 means

  1. Surviving Wife or Husband.
  2. Minor sons i.e. till they attain the age of 18 years.
  3. Unmarried daughters till they attain the age of 21 years or date of marriage whichever is earlier.

Family Pension is payable to one person at a time.

Initially it is payable to wife/husband of the Government servant as the case may be till her/his death or remarriage.Subsequently, children, one after another, in the order of their birth are eligible for family pension till they attain the age of 18/21 years as the case may be.

The rates of Family Pension admissible under Rule 4 of Karnataka Government servants (Family Pension) Rules, 2002 (revised by G.O. NO. FD 03 PEN 2007(I) dated 6-6-2007) is as follows:

30% of pay last drawn with effect from 01/07/2005 subject to minimum of Rs. 2250/- and maximum of RS. 11970/- pm

Enhanced Family Pension

Method of calculation of Enhanced family Pension

Normal Family Pension is Calculated. It is doubled.

50% of the average emoluments is calculated.
Whichever of above is less is paid as Enhanced Family pension admissible only in cases where a Government Servant has rendered a service of 7 years more.


Let the average emoluments = Rs. 8100

50% of average emoluments = Rs. 4050

Normal FP= 30% of Rs. 8100 = Rs. 2430

Twice Normal FP = Rs. 4860
Since Rs. 4050 is less than Rs. 4860 enhanced family pension will be paid at a rate of Rs.4050 for a period of seven years from the Date Of Death or till the date on which Government servant would have attained the age of 65 years. Subsequently normal family pension at a rate of Rs. 2430 will be paid.