A temporary advance may be granted to a subscriber from the amount standing to his credit in the Fund, at the discretion of the appropriate authority subject to the conditions as detailed in Rule 15 of the KGPF Rules. No advance shall be granted unless the sanctioning authority is satisfied that the applicants pecuniary circumstances justify it and it will be expended on the following object or objects and not otherwise.

To pay expenses in connection with the prolonged illness of the applicant or any person dependent on him. To pay for the overseas passage for reasons of health or education of the applicant or any person actually dependent on him.

To pay obligatory expenses on a scale appropriate to the applicant’s status which, by customary usage, the applicant has to incur in connection with marriages, funeral, first annual shraadda ceremonies or other ceremonies of persons actually dependent on him.

Provided that the conditions of actual dependence shall not apply in the case of son or daughter of the subscriber.

To pay for education outside India whether for an academic, Technical, Profession or vocational course of the applicant or any person actually dependent on him.

To pay Medical, engineering and other technical or specialized course in India beyond the High School Stage of the applicant or any person actually dependent on him provided that the course of study is not less than 3 years.

Provided that the Government may at its discretion in special circumstances, sanction an advance if it is satisfied that the subscriber concerned required that the advance for reasons other than those mentioned above.

Advance shall not except for special reasons:

Exceed six months pay subject to a maximum of eighty per cent of the balance at the credit of the subscriber in the fund whichever is less or

Unless the amount already advanced does not exceed eighty per cent of the amount admissible under (i) above, be granted at least twelve months after the final repayment of all previous advances.

A subscriber shall be permitted to take an advance once in every six months under sub-clause (IV) and (V).(RULE 15)

The advance to be sanctioned for ordinary reasons, shall be restricted to two. In the case of a second advance, the amount of such advance together with the balance of the previous advance, shall not exceed half the amount at the credit of the subscriber.


An advance shall be recovered from the subscriber in such number of equal monthly instalments as the sanctioning authority may direct but such number shall not less than twelve unless the subscriber so elects or in any case more than forty. A subscriber may at his option repay more than one instalment in a month. Each installment shall be a number of whole rupees, the amount of the advance being raised or reduced, if necessary.

Recovery shall commence on the first occasion after the advance is made, on which the subscriber draws pay or remuneration on foreign service for a full month.


Recovery shall not be made except with the subscriber’s consent, while he is in receipt of subsistence grant or is on leave salary or carries leave salary equal to or less than half average pay as the case may be. The recovery may be postponed on the subscriber’s written request by the sanctioning authority during the recovery of an advance of pay granted to the subscriber.