Activity Authority Concerned
1. Processing and forwarding of retirement/death claims of employees:
(i) In respect of Non-Gazetted Officers
Department where the employees served last.
  (ii) In respect of Gazetted Officers  AG(A&E) 
2. Verification of retirement/death benefits AG (A&E)
3. Authorisation of Pensionary benefits 
Preparation and issue of Pension Payment Orders (PPOs)/authorizing lumpsum benefits (i.e. DCRG, Commuted value of pension)/amendment authority for revision of pension/forwarding the authorizations to the concerned Treasuries.
AG (A&E)
  (ii)  In respect of High Court Judges: -
(a) Preparation and issue of Pension Payment Orders/amendment authority for revision of pension.
AG (A&E)
  (b) Preparation and issue of authorization of lumpsum benefits (DCRG and Commuted Value) AG (A&E)
  (c) Issue of Special Seal authority to the concerned link Branch of Public Sector Banks. Central Pension Accounting Office New Delhi
  (iii) Maintenance of records and onward    transmission to Paying Branch of choice Link Branch of Public Sector Banks at District Headquarters
  (iii)State Political and Artist Pensions
(a)Forwarding of Sanctions
By State Government and Concerned Department
  (b) Authorizations to Treasuries (Issue of Pension Payment Orders) AG (A&E)
4. Disbursement of Pension Treasury/Bank opted by the pensioner

As would be seen from the above, different authorities are involved in a pension case.

The table below indicates the authorities that deal with specific issues related to pension matters. The table has been provided so that the relevant authority   is addressed for the specific issue falling within its purview. This would pre-empt avoidable inconvenience, delay and unnecessary paperwork

SNO Activity Authority Concerned
1. A.Processing, Calculation and forwarding of Pension papers and related documents.
a. Non-Gazetted Officers 
Head of the Office where employee last served
  b.Gazetted Officers  AG(A&E)
  (B) Authorisation of AG (A&E)
  (i) Retirement/death gratuity AG (A&E)
  (ii) General Provident Fund AG (A&E)
  (iii) Leave encashment 
(a) Non-Gazetted Officers 
AG (A&E)
  (b) Gazetted Officers Department where the employee last served.
  (iv) Karnataka Government Employees   Insurance Fund. Deptt. where the employee last served. 
  (v) Disputes regarding fixation of retirement/death benefits AG (A&E)
  (vi) Authorisation of family pension to other eligible members where both pensioner and spouse have expired.  Treasury concerned 
  (vii) Revalidation of pensioner benefits already authorized but has remained undrawn for more than one year. Treasury/ A.G (A&E)
  (viii)Payment of Life time Arrears Treasury/ A.G (A&E)
2 (i) Any policy matter with regard to retirement/death benefits excluding matters pertaining to accounting procedure. State Government
  (ii) Sanction of dearness allowance State Government
3 (i) Disbursement of Pension/Family Pension and Dearness Allowance, DCRG and Commuted value of pensions etc., on receipt of authorizations issued by AG (A&E). Concerned Treasury/Bank
  (ii) Calculation and disbursements of arrears of pension/family pension Concerned Treasury/Bank 
  (iii) Restoration of Commuted portion of pension after 15 years Concerned Treasury/Bank 
  (iv) Application for grant of family pension on the death of pensioner along with Death Certificate.
(a) Where provision for family pension exists in the Pension Payment Order.
Concerned Treasury/Bank
  (b) Where provision for family pension is not made in the Pension Payment Order. AG (A&E)
  (v) Transfer of Pension Payment from one Branch/Bank to another. Concerned Treasury/Bank 
4 (I) Any grievance pertaining to Banks Concerned Treasury
  (ii) Any grievance pertaining to Treasuries  Director of Treasuries/AG (A&E)