The application complete in all respects will be received by the Accountant General (A&E) Karnataka, who will arrange for finalisation of the General Provident Fund balance, calculating the interest upto the date of retirement and issue the payment authorization, payable on the date of retirement and the Treasury Officer shall issue a cheque to the retired subscriber as soon as the authorization is received by him, without insisting on the personal appearance of the subscriber.

On the death of a subscriber, the authorization will be issued to the nominee or nominees, if a valid nomination exists. Such authorizations will be payable to the family member or members in the proportion mentioned in the nomination or else in equal parts, as the case may be. If no such nomination in favour of a member or members of the family exists and a claim has come for the Late subscribers GPF Amount, such amount shall be authorised in favour of such claimant, if a valid survivorship certificate issued by the Authority, is submitted along with the claim.