Can any amount other than subscriptions and refund be credited to the GPF?
Unless specifically provided for by the Government no amounts like Leave Salary Encashment, Pay Arrears etc., can be credited to the GPF.
What is the maximum limit of subscription?
A subscriber may at his option, propose subscription higher than the minimum subject to maximum of basic pay of the post held by him.
What is the minimum amount of subscription?

The minimum rate of monthly subscription payable by the subscriber shall be equal to four percent of the average pay of the time scale of the pay of the post held by him as indicated below:

Sl. No Scale of Pay Amount of minimum monthly subscription(In Rupees)
1 2500-3850 130
2 2600-4350 140
3 2775-4950 155
4 3000-5450 170
5 3300-6300 195
6 3850-7050 220
7 4150-7850 240
8 4575-8400 260
9 5200-9580 300
10 5575-10620 325
11 6000-11200 345
12 6300-11840 365
13 7400-13120 400
14 8000-13440 430
15 9580-14200 480
16 10620-14960 550
17 11520-15840 550
18 12800-16720 590
19 13820-17220 625
20 14960-20720 715

(Rule 11, as amended vide Govt of Ktk No FD 48 MuBaNi. 2001 dated 8th March 2002)

Note: ‘Average pay’ means the amount equal to the mean between the minimum and maximum of Time Scale of Pay of the post held by the subscriber.

Who is eligible to join the Fund?
a. Subscription to the Fund is compulsory for Government servants except Group “D” employees in pensionable service,

b. Every temporary Government servant from the date of completing two years of continuous service.

(Rules 5 (1) to (4) w.e.f June 2002).
Is an adopted child a member of the family?
Yes, if under the personal law of the subscriber, adoption is legally recognized as conferring the status of a natural child. A child of one person given in adoption to another is not a member of the formers family. (Notes 2 & 3 under Rule 2(c))
What constitutes ‘Family’ for the purpose of GPF rules?
The GPF subscription of an employee of the Government of Karnata ka is governed by Karnataka General Provident Fund Rules, 1957

a. In the case of a male subscriber, the wife or wives, children, the widow or widows and children of a deceased son of a subscriber.

b. In the case of a female subscriber, the husband, children, the widow or widows of deceased son of a subscriber.

A female subscriber can exclude her husband from the list of Family Members (Rule 2(c) (ii))