The main work of GE Group includes the following:

  • The regulation of pay and allowances of the Gazetted Government servants.
  • Issue of Pay Slips,
  • Authorization of Leave entitlements and Surrender Leave Salary, and
  • Issue of authorizations for Long Term Advances such as HBA for All India Service Officers and MCA to officers on foreign service.
मुझे अपनी पे स्लिप की डुप्लीकेट कॉपी कब मिल सकती है?
यदि अधिकारी ने पे स्लिप भेजने के एक महीने के भीतर अपना पे स्लिप प्राप्त नहीं किया है, तो अधिकारी डुप्लिकेट कॉपी के लिए अनुरोध कर सकता है।
What documents should officers on Foreign Service furnish to the AG on repatriation to parent cadre?
The service particulars, leave details, and LPC to be sent to AG for maintaining History of Service
What are HRA rules at present?
HRA is admissible as per rules except in the following cases – ý If the government servant certifies that his / her spouse has been provided with rent free or rented accommodation in the same station, no HRA is admissible. If the accommodation is in a different station, full HRA is allowed.

No HRA is admissible if an officer is entitled to –ý Rent free accommodation, or toý Designated quarters and he declares that he is not occupying the same

It should be noted that in cases where the spouse is also employed in the same station, and HRA is admissible as per rules then HRA need not be restricted to amount admissible on basic pay of Rs. 6900 / - w.e.f 1-4-03.
What are various occasions necessitating issue of pay slips/authorisation from A.G?
On first appointment
On promotion / time – bound advance
On transfer
On change of designation
On deputation to Foreign Service (Grade Pay)
On deputation to other departments
On leave beyond 120 days
On leave sanctioned after a lapse of one year
On regulation of increment
On refixation of pay, revision in ay scales
On suspension
On revocation of suspension and reinstatement
On imposition of penalties affecting pay
On compulsory wait
On joining field training in the case of AIS Officers and departmental officers on probation
On holding additional charge of identical or higher level posts
On occupation of Government quarters
On retirement or Superannuation / Voluntary retirement
On Joining Time
On reemployment
What are the entitlements authorised by A.G?

Pay & Allowances, Long Term Advances, Leave salary under Sec 198, Terminal Leave Encashment Benefit, and SLS.

Who are the Gazetted Officers / Officials under the A.G's control?

G.E Group determines the entitlement to pay and allowances, leave and certain kinds of advances in respect of the following categories of officers:

The Governor of Karnataka and ADC to the Governor
Council of Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Chairman, Deputy Chairman of Legislative Council, Leaders of the Opposition in both the Houses and the Chief Whip.
Members of All India Services i.e. IAS, IPS, and IFS
Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members of the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal.
Lokayukta and Upalokayukta
Chairman of the non-official Commissions or Committees
Group ‘A’ and certain category of Group ‘B’ officers of Karnataka Government. – Gazetted officers belonging to Karnataka Administrative Service and all the departments of Karnataka Government at all levels except officers belonging to the cadre of Lecturers, Police Inspectors and certain other Group ‘B’ categories.

Who are the Self Drawing Officers under the A.G's control?

There are no longer any Self Drawing Officers in Karnataka.