Tamil Nadu is advancing rapidly in industrialization and urbanization 48.45% of the population living in urban areas. Many major policies and schemes are implemented in the state meeting the comprehensive development of the urban areas in capacity building, accessing funds for infrastructure development, providing basic civic services in order to improve the physical quality of life of the people.

The urban local bodies strive hard with self-generated revenues and support of Government grants and funds to achieve the above. 

Acts and Rules

  1. The Chennai Municipal Corporation Act 1919
  2. District Municipalities Act 1920
  3. Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (Regulations)
  4. Chennai Metro Water Act 2018
  5. Tamil Nadu Slum Area (Improvements and Clearance) Act 1971
  6. Tamil Nadu Housing Board Right to Information Act 2005
  7. Tamil Nadu Local Fund Audit Act 2014
  8. Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act 1971
  9. Manual under Right to information Act 2005 under Housing and Urban Development Department

Constitutional Provisions 

Corporations/Municipalities/Town Panchayats under section 14(2)
Audit  under section 14(1), 19(2), 19(3) of 

Audit Product and their Tabling

Submission of Audit Report on General and Social Sector Tamil Nadu for the year ended March 2018.

Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on General and Social Sector for the year ended March 2018 - Government of Tamil Nadu was submitted to Hon’ble Governor on 10 March 2020 for arranging to be held on the Table of the State Legislative Assembly.

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