An Annual In-house training calendar is prepared by consolidating the training needs of all the wings in the beginning of each year. The trainings are conducted at Group level by each wing. Faculty to these trainings is drawn from academicians, departmental officials, retired experts as well as serving staff. A quarterly report is also prepared and sent to Headquarters on the conduct of these courses. In order to ensure the relevance and utility of these trainings, feedback of all the trainees is obtained and necessary action is taken.  

Regional Training Institute (RTI), Chennai

This office is a user office of Regional Training Institute (RTI), Chennai. The training needs at regional level are met through periodical trainings for General and EDP courses round the year as per the Annual Calendar of Training Programmes. The institute caters to the training needs of all the IA&AD offices located in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and also the Branch offices of Civil and Commercial Audit of other States located at Chennai.

Other Training programmes

This office also nominates officials to various training programmes for training in Knowledge Resource centre topics to the institutes across the entire nation.Viz. iCED, Jaipur, RTI, Jammu etc. This encourages knowledge sharing across the nation and trainees are encouraged to impart training on these topics in-house.

Departmental Trainings

Departmental trainings are imparted to the staff appearing for various departmental examinations for their professional development and career progression. Training programmes are conducted for SAS and RA Examination training.

System Automation Initiative (SAI)

All the nominations for RTI Training made in System Automation Initiative (SAI) applications.

An Impact Evaluation form is obtained from all the trainees after three (03) months from the last day of training to assess the utility and Impact of training as assessed by their supervising officer and Group officer.

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