The following committees are operative in this office:

I.      Member of Redressal Committees:

       1.  Ms.Narendra V Nikhila, Deputy Accountant General as Presiding Officer
       2.  Ms. Vijayalakshmi Ravikumar, Sr. Audit Officer
       3.  Ms. R. Srividya, Sr. Audit Officer as  Members of the Committee
       4.  Ms.  Dr. Vidyaa Ramkumar, as member appointed form non-governmental organization.

 2.    Members of Branch Office - Puducherry

       1.  Ms.Varsini Arun,Sr. Deputy Accountant General as Presiding Officer
       2.  Ms. K. Lakshmi, Sr. Audit Officer -  Member
       3.  Ms. Dr. Vidyaa Ramkumar, External Member
       4.  Ms. M. Siva Shankari, AAO Member

       5. Shri. G. Ravikumar, AAO (Male Member)



II. At present the following Officers are the members of the respective Committee

For FR(56()j)

Screening Committee consists of

  1. Sr.DAG(Admin.) O/o the AG (Audit II)
  2. Sr.DAG(Admin.) O/o the AG (Audit I)
  3. Any other Sr.DAG/DAG from O/o the AG (Audit II)


Review Committee consists of

  1. Dy. Comptroller and Auditor General (Commercial)
  2. Cadre Controlling Authority i.e.. DG/PD Commercial at Hqrs.


Representation Committee Consists of

  1. Dy. C&AG
  2. Principal Director (Staff)
  3. Cadre Controlling Authority.


Internal Committee Consists of

  1. Sr. DAG(Admin)
  2. Sr. DAG(AMG - I)
  3. Sr. DAG(AMG - II)
  4. SAO (ITA)
  5. SAO/Claims (Senior most DAG will act as a Chair Person).


III. Name of the Committee: Family Pension Coordinating Committee

    Nodal officer: Shri. G Rajendran

                          Senior Deputy Accountant General /Admn

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