The following committees are operative in this office:


Committee for Redressel of Complaints on Sexual Harassment of working women

       1.  Ms.Narendra V Nikhila, Deputy Accountant General   -  Presiding Officer
       2.  Ms. Vijayalakshmi Ravikumar, Sr. Audit Officer -  Member
       3.  Ms. R. Srividya, Sr. Audit Officer - Member
       4.  Dr. Vidyaa Ramkumar -  Member (NGO)

        Members of Branch Office - Puducherry

       1.  Ms.Varsini arun,Sr. Deputy Accountant General   -  Presiding Officer
       2.  Ms. K. Lakshmi, Sr. Audit Officer -  Member
       3.  Ms. Dr. Vidyaa Ramkumar - External Member
       4.  Ms. M. Siva shankari, AAO -  Member

       5. Shri. G Ravikumar, AAO (Male Member)


Member of the Internal Committee for Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace BO/Puducherry are as follows:

  1. Ms. P. Fathima Rosaline Nancy, SAO – Presiding Officer.
  2. Ms. K. Lakshmi, SAO- -Member.
  3. Ms. M. Sivashankari, AAO – Member.
  4. Dr. Vidyaa Ram Kumar – External Member.
  5. Shri. R. Subramanian, Supervisor – Male Member of the Committee.

II. At present the following Officers are the members of the respective Committee

For FR(56()j)

Screening Committee consists of

  1. Sr.DAG(Admin.) O/o the AG (Audit II)
  2. Sr.DAG(Admin.) O/o the AG (Audit I)
  3. Any other Sr.DAG/DAG from O/o the AG (Audit II)


Review Committee consists of

  1. Dy. Comptroller and Auditor General (Commercial)
  2. Cadre Controlling Authority i.e.. DG/PD Commercial at Hqrs.


Representation Committee Consists of

  1. Dy. C&AG
  2. Principal Director (Staff)
  3. Cadre Controlling Authority.


Internal Committee Consists of

  1. Sr. DAG(Admin)
  2. Sr. DAG(AMG - I)
  3. Sr. DAG(AMG - II)
  4. SAO (ITA)
  5. SAO/Claims (Senior most DAG will act as a Chair Person).


III. Name of the Committee: Family Pension Coordinating Committee

    Nodal officer: Shri. G Rajendran

                          Senior Deputy Accountant General /Admn

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