The following committees are operative in this office:

Screening Committee

As directed by Headquarters vide their letter No.259-TA I/O&M/12-78 dated 23.03.79 and No.662-Audit /O&M/248-99 dated 27.12.99 on 'Award Scheme' for suggestions, a Screening Committee consisting of AG, Sr.DAG/DAG(Admn.) and Sr.DAG/DAG(Comml.) had been constituted to scrutinize the suggestions received, under this scheme, from the staff of this office (vide AG's order dated 10.09.98).

Complaints Committee for redressal of grievance of sexual harassment of working women

As directed by the Headquarters in Circular No. NGE-37/1998 (No.91-NGE-Disc/13-98) dated 22-07-98, Complaints Committee for redressal of grievance of sexual harassment of working women was formed in this office from 8-9-99 and functioning under the chairmanship of Ms. Deepna Gokulram, Sr.DAG, O/o AG (Audit-II) and members as Ms. S. Haripriya SAO/Claims, and Ms. Leela Sivaraman, SAO/AMG-III. The NGO associated with the Committee is Dr V. R. Devika.

Departmental training Committee on In-house training

As directed by the Headquarters vide their letter No.36-50/Trg.Div/HOD/95 dated 07.03.1996, a departmental training Committee on In-house training has been formed with the Accountant General as Chairman and all the Group Officers as members of the Committee.

Screening Committee and a Review Committee

As per the Headquarters vide their circular No.42/CA-I/2008 letter No.313/333-2006 dated 11-04-2008, the present Screening Committee and a Review Committee have been constituted to review the cases of Group ‘B’ officers of Commercial cadre under FR 56 (j) comprising the following Group Officers.  Constitution of Group Officers can change in each occasion of review.

At present the following Officers are the members of the respective committee.

Screening Committee:

  • Sr. DAG/Admn., O/o the AG(Audit-II)
  • Sr. DAG/Admn., O/o the AG(Audit-I)
  • One Sr. DAG/DAG belonging to SC to be nominated by AG(Audit-II).

Review Committee

  • Sr.DAG/Admn., O/o the AG(Audit-II) and
  • The third member (Group Officer) should be one who does not exercise direct immediate control or supervision over the officer.

Official language Implementation Committee:

As per Chapter 3 of Manual regarding the use of official language Hindi, Official language Implementation Committee has been formed with Accountant General as Chairperson, all Group ‘A’ Officers, all SAOs/AOs (Headquarters) and Secretary to AG as members.

Transfer and Posting Boards

As per Headquarters circular No.1 – Staff wing/2014/2014 No.10-Staff(App-II)63-2013 dated 06.01.2014, Transfer and Posting Boards are formed as detailed below.

For Group ‘B’ (Gazetted )  - 3 members

SAO/Admn, Sr. DAG(Admn), DAG/AMG-II.  The senior most of the above two Group Officers is the Chairperson and AG is the Accepting Authority.

For Group ’B’ (Non Gazetted) and Group ’C’ staff – 3 members

SAO/Admn, SAO/AMG-II and SAO/AMG-III (HQrs).  The senior most is the Chairperson and Sr. DAG/Admn is the Accepting Authority.

Purchase Committee

As per AG's order, Shri. Navaneetha Gopalkrishnan N, SAO, Smt. Radhika Suresh, SAO and Shri. Venkat Ramanan N, AAO have been nominated as members of the Purchase commitee for the year 2020-21.

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