Deputation of staff within IA & AD

Deputation of staff

The deputation of both Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ staff such as Sr. AOs/ AAOs/Sr. Auditors / Auditors etc. within the IA & AD are regulated in terms of provisions contained in the Paras - 4.5, 5.10 and 10.4 of C & A.G’s MSO (Admn) Vol. I (3rd edition) read with DoPT instructions issued in this regard, as amended from time to time. The deputation of staff is allowed with the approval of the competent authority and on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Headquarters office in each case.

(DoPT OM No. 28034/9/2009-Estt. (A) dated 30.09.2009),

Deputation of Sr. AOs/ AAOs of Civil wing to Commercial wing

Before any commercial post is proposed to be operated by utilising the services of non-commercial qualified officers on deputation, approval of the Headquarters office is necessary. The only exception to this rule is deployment of non-commercial qualified officers in the combined Audit Offices having both civil and commercial audit wings are utilized against vacant commercial posts as an internal arrangement until commercial qualified officers are available. In such cases, no deputation allowance or special pay is payable as this arrangement is treated as internal transfer and posting of the officers. Besides, the deputation cases of all the officers of commercial cadre should be forwarded to the Headquarters office for obtaining prior approval as the Headquarters office is the cadre controlling authority in respect of officers belonging to commercial cadre.

Deputation within IA & AD

The Head of Department is authorized to send his staff on deputation within the IA & AD under their own powers after mutual consultation with their counterparts in different offices within IA & AD. However, the time limit, terms and conditions of such deputations are regulated in accordance with the instructions issued by the Headquarters office / DoPT from time to time.

Deputation to the Headquarters office

Deputation of staff to Headquarters office is governed as per the terms & conditions determined by the Headquarters office in each case and as per the extant DoPT rules as amended from time to time.

Deputation of staff to outside IA & AD

Deputation of staff of IA & AD under the Central/ State Governments shall be regulated as per the terms and conditions issued by the Government of India / DoPT / Headquarters office as amended from time to time.

Pay during Deputation and Deputation (Duty) Allowance

An employee appointed on deputation may elect to draw either the pay in the scale of pay of the deputation post or his basic pay in the parent cadre plus Deputation (Duty) Allowance plus Personal Pay, if any. Option to draw pay should be exercised within one month from the date of joining the deputation post. The option once exercised shall be final. The employee may, however, revise the option under the circumstances laid down in G.I, Dept. of Per. &Trg., OM No. 2/29/91-Estt (Pay II), dated the 5th January, 1994 as amended from time to time. In case an employee on deputation elects to draw pay in the scale of pay attached to the deputation post, pay is to be fixed under normal Rules. Similarly, tenure of deputation and premature reversion from deputation shall be regulated as per the Government of India orders issued in this regard from time to time.

Deputation for purpose of drawl of Deputation (Duty) Allowance will cover appointments made in public interest outside the normal field of deployment as detailed below:

  1. On a temporary transfer basis to other posts in the same or other Central Government /State Government Department, and
  2. On temporary transfer on Foreign Service to Bodies (incorporated or not) wholly or substantially owned or controlled by Government and Organizations, e.g. Municipalities, Universities etc.
  3. Deputation (Duty) Allowance is treated as Special Pay as defined in FR 9 (25) and as per following rate: a) Within the same station- 5% of basic pay subject to ` 4500/- pm, b) In other cases - 10% of basic pay subject to maximum ` 9000/- pm. Further, the above mentioned Deputation (Duty) Allowance ceiling will further rise by 25% each time the Dearness Allowance increases by 50%. (DoPT OM No. 2/11/2017-Estt. (Pay.- II) dated 24.11.2017.) However, the Deputation (Duty) allowance is admissible up to the fifth year of deputation only.

(DoPT OM No. 2/06/2016-Estt. (Pay - II) dated 23.02.2017)

IV. No Deputation (Duty) Allowance is admissible in all case of deputation on spouse ground as such deputations are not treated as in public interest. (Headquarter office letter No. 174-Staff (App-II)/64-2014/Vol. IV dated 11.02.2015).

General conditions for Deputation:

i. During deputation, promotion to another post in the borrowing department will require prior   concurrence of parent department.

ii.   If during deputation an employee’s basic pay exceeds the maximum of the scale of the deputation post, he should be reverted to his parent department within six months from the date such excess.

iii. Maximum age limit for appointment by transfer on deputation including short-term contract) and transfer shall not exceed 56 years as on the closing date for receipt of application.

iv. An employee holding a post in a scale of pay is ineligible for appointment on deputation to a lower scale of pay. ( DoPT OM dated 26.03.2009)

  1. In case of reverse deputation, the employer share of contributory provident fund for the period on deputation has to be borne either by the employee himself or by the Central Government depending on the terms of deputation. A clear mention of above stipulation has to be made in the terms of deputation. (DoPT OM dated 15.02.2012)
  2. After giving an advance notice at least three months to the department, the employee may be reverted back to his parent cadre.

Period of Deputation:

i. The deputation shall be for a maximum of five years at a stretch. The period of deputation may be extended up to seven years by the department where extension is necessary in public interest.

ii. This shall be done with the approval of the borrowing department concerned and in respect of other organizations with the approval of the borrowing department/Ministry with which they are administratively concerned, keeping in view the exigencies and subject to fulfilment of all other requirements such as willingness and vigilance clearance of the officer concerned, NOC of the lending authority. (DoPT O.M dated 17.02.2016)

iii. Where extension is granted, the terms & conditions of deputation shall clearly lay down not only period of deputation but also the date of relieving the deputationist.

iv. No further orders for relieving the deputationist will be necessary.

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