1. The Audit & Accounts Recreation Club which is common to all the four offices functioning in this building is situated at Unit-IV AG Colony, Bhubaneswar. Pr. Accountant General/Accountant General (Audit-I) Odisha is the Patron of the Recreation Club. Sr. Deputy Accountant General / Deputy Accountant General (Admn.) and Welfare Officer/Sr. Audit Officer (Welfare) of O/o the Pr. Accountant General (Audit-I) Odisha are the President and Vice President of the Recreation Club respectively. Election of the Club for the year 2018-20 was held during February 2019.
  2. Nomination/Selection of players for various IA&AD tournaments and National Tournaments with the help of General Secretary, Audit & Accounts Recreation Club.
  3. Pursuing all sports person (Players/Coach/Referees/Umpires) correspondence for attending IA &AD Tournaments, RSB  Tournaments, Local & National Tournaments.
  4. Recruitment in connection with sports quota requirement .
  5. Attending matters relating to A & ARC club, Bhubaneswar viz election, proposal of GIA, hiring of recreation club, proposal for repairs of club building etc.
  6. Nomination/Selection of players for various Central Civil Tournaments .
  7. Matters relating to Regional board for culture and sports.


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