Compliance Performance

Report No 3 of 2016 - General and Social Sector Government of Odisha

Date on which Report Tabled:
Mon 26 Sep, 2016
Date of sending the report to Government:
Government Type:
Sector Finance


The Procurement of paddy, milling and supply of custom milled rice by the Odisha State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited was not efficient and economical. Targets for procurement for 2014-15 KMS was not based on marketable surplus. Procurement was made from farmers having no agricultural land. Instead of conducting quality analysis, arbitrary deduction of was made from the quantity offered for sale by the farmers. Short delivery of and misappropriation of rice by millers. Absence of effective mechanism to implement the safety standards by factories led to persistent accidents over the years. However, prosecution proceedings against all the accidents were not filed. As many as 26 per cent of factories of the State were unregistered. Juveniles in conflict with law (JCLs) with multiple crimes were accommodated along with other inmates in combined Observation Homes (OHs)/ Special Homes (SHs) in violation of law due to lack of infrastructure. Lack of aftercare rehabilitation, mandated inspections by CWCs and mechanism to track the JCLs after their release rendered the functioning of all the OH/ SHs ineffective in mainstreaming the juveniles. Comprehensive survey for identifying and declaring monuments as “protected” was absent. Required technical experts were not engaged for preservation and conservation works. Irregularities in payment of wages, purchase of materials, excess payments, etc., were also noticed. Documentation and photography of all antiquities in possession of Odisha State Museum was not done. Only four per cent antiquities were displayed due to inadequate space. Annual physical verification of the antiquities was not done. Only 31.07 per cent of funds meant received from Government of India under Phase-II of the Coastal Security Scheme were utilized. Required infrastructure are yet to be constructed. Sea patrolling was conducted only for 2,805 hours against required 81,000 hours during 2012-15. As of August 2015, 321 quarters were under unauthorised occupation of retired/ transferred Government employees and family members of deceased employees for years and Rs. 5.09 crore remained outstanding against the unauthorised occupants. After vacation of 230 quarters, rent of Rs. 1.12 crore remained unrealised from ex-MLAs for one to 38 years. The Report (G&SSA) of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India for the year ended March 2012 (Report No.4 of 2013), Government of Odisha included Performance Audit on ‘Allotment of land by General Administration (GA) Department in Bhubaneswar city for various purposes’. The Department adequately addressed two out of the three accepted recommendations of the Performance Audit on ‘Allotment of land by General Administration (GA) Department in Bhubaneswar city for various purposes’

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