AG’s Office Staff Recreation Club

AG’s Office Staff Recreation Club is functioning under the patronage of the Principal Accountant General, Audit I, Kerala. Each branch office has a separate Recreational Club functioning in addition to the one at Main Office, Thiruvananthapuram. Thus, there are 5 Recreation Clubs functioning under Welfare wing.  The Election to the Recreation Clubs is conducted under the supervision of Welfare Wing.  General Secretary, Library Secretary, Treasurer and two Members to the Managing Committee of the Recreation Club are elected from among the members of the Club.  Presidents of the Recreation Clubs are Senior Deputy Accountants General (Administration) in charge of Main Office and each Branch Offices concerned. Vice President and two members each to the Managing Committees are nominated by the Principal Accountant General, Audit I, Kerala in respect of all clubs. The Principal Accountant General (A&E) nominates two members each to the Managing Committees from among the staff in A&E Office in respect of all clubs.

Sporting Tournaments

Arrangements for the smooth conducting of sporting tournaments assigned to the Office of the Principal Accountants General, Kerala by the Office of the CAG of India are made by Welfare wing. The Sports activities are under the charge of the Sports Club, which is under the Recreation Club. There are various sub Sports Clubs functioning within the Sports Club to cater to the needs to the various disciplines of sports activities within the IA&AD.  Prl AG’s various sports teams participate in IAAD tournaments, Civil Services tournaments and various other National, State and District level tournaments.

Library and Reading Room

Library and Reading Room cater to the intellectual and recreational needs of staff members. The library has a vast repository of books and subscribes to a good number of magazines and newspapers.

 AG Kerala Football Team  
   AG Kerala Football Team
South_Zone_IAAD_Cricket_2019 South Zone IAAD and State Championship Winners with AG
South_Zone_IAAD_Badminton_2018 Inauguration_of_Renovated_Badminton court
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