As per the instructions issued by the Finance Department, Government of Kerala, it is imperative on the part of Government Departments to furnish Remedial Measures Taken (RMT) Statement on all audit paragraphs to the Principal Accountant General and to the PAC within a period of two months from the date of presentation of the Audit Report to the State Legislature.  The number of audit paragraphs in the Audit Reports for which Action Taken Reports from the Government are due as on 09 April 2024 which are as follows.

Audit Report on Year No. of Paragraphs for which RMT report is to received
General and Social Sector Audit SAR on Preparedness and Response to Floods in Kerala 12
2021 1
2022 8
State Finances 2018-19 5
2019-20 16
2020-21 9
2021-22 40
Economic Sector 2017-18 4
2018-19 4
2019-21 9
Total   108
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