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10 June 2021
Report No.3 of 2021 - Revenue Sector, Government of Kerala

This Report of CAG for the year ended March 2019 contains five chapters. The first chapter contains general observations relating to the Revenue Sector of Government of Kerala and certain other observations. The contents of the rest of the chapters...

Sector: Taxes and Duties
12 February 2020
Compliance Performance
Report No.3 of 2019 - Revenue Sector, Government of Kerala

This Audit Report features one Performance Audit and 17 Compliance Audit paragraphs involving revenue impact of Rs.938.56 crore. The Audit Report is divided into five chapters. Chapter I contains general information gathered about various...

Sector: Taxes and Duties
06 March 2017
Report No 1 of 2017 - Report on Revenue Sector, Government of Kerala

The Report contains 27 paragraphs including Performance Audit/Compliance Audit relating to non/short levy of tax, interest etc., involving revenue impact of  Rs. 3,458.41 crore and expenditure impact of Rs. 153.63 crore. As on 30 June 2016,...

Sector: Taxes and Duties | Finance
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