During the year 2019-2020

i)     23 Nos of Officer/Officials were trained in RTI, Shillong

ii)    2 Nos of officer participated in training held at Jindal University, Sanipat (HQrs' sponsored training)

iii)   2 Nos of officer (including 1 Group Officer participated in training held at Jaipur (HQrs' sponsored training).

iv)    In-house training conducted for DEOs,AAOs,SAS Candidates.

During the year 2020-21 Upto June

i)     2 Nos of Officials were trained online in RTI, Shillong

ii)    3 Nos of Officers (including 1 Group Officer) undergone online traing on Microsoft team (HQrs' traing)

iii)   4 Nos of Officer/Officials nominated for training (online) by RTI, Shillong to be held in August 2020