Accountant General’s Message

All stakeholders (Pensioner, DDO, Treasury Officer) may please note that we are issuing only digitally signed GPF authorities which are being delivered electronically through HRMS portal or through email/mobile number. Please also note that we process GPF/Pension proposals only when they give beneficiary code and pensioner’s mobile number. This enables us to sand text message and link to download personal copy of the GPF authority, you can also reach us on WhatsApp-7085085500 or dedicated email id ( or through Mobile-7085059617. Accountant General (A&E), Tripura has launched Digital seva-GPF final payment proposal for GPF subscribers of the employees of the Government of Tripura by the DDO online through Press Note dated 08 June 2020 S. VELLIANGIRI, Accountant General(A&E) Tripura


  • Temporary Government servants after continuous service of one year, re-employed pensioners and permanent Government servants shall subscribe to GPF compulsorily. Temporary Government servants may subscribe to GPF even before completion of one year’s service. Vide Rule 4 of GPF (Central Services) Rules 1960 as amended


  • On receipt of application along with Service Book and requisite documents from the Pension Sanctioning Authority necessary scrutiny is done to work out Qualifying Service and emoluments for the purpose of Computation of Pension/Family Pension Gratuity & Commutation. Based on Qualifying Service and last pay drawn pensionary benefits are calculated & authorised for payment to eligible Pensioner/Family Pensioner through Pension Payment Order (PPO), Gratuity Payment Order (GPO) and Commutation Payment Order (CPO).G.P.O. and C.P.O. authorities are prepared in three copies – 1st copy is issued to Disbursing Authority/Treasury, 2nd to pensioner and 3rd to Head of Office/Department for information and necessary action. P.P.O. Books (for pensioner) are prepared in two portion (Pensioner’s Portion and Disbursers Portion) and both the portions are sent to the Disbursing Authority/Treasury under a forwarding letter. Copy of the forwarding letter is sent to the pensioner and the Department for information and necessary action. On receipt of intimation from the office of the Accountant General (A&E), the pensioner should personally appear before the Disbursing Authority/Treasury Officer with his copy for payment.Note: For increase in Dearness Relief on pension, the pensioner should approach the Treasury Officer or Bank, where the pensioner receives pension.